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Information and Results from Racing at Hiester's H.O. Raceway

The 2018-2019 Hiester's H.O. Raceway Season for our Sprint Car Division started tonight Wednesday January 16, 2019, and we had 12 drivers sign in fo rtonights action and taking the victory on the evening was Shane Hiester who turned in a perfect run winning all 6 of his races.  The runner up on the eveing was the older of the twin brothers Sheldon Hiester who won 3 races onhis wayto the 2nd place finish.  Coming home third was the defending Sprint car Division Champion Dakota Barlet whon won 4 races on his way to his 3rd place finish.  Finishing fourth was track owner Tom Hiester who won 3 races on the evening as well enroute to his 4th place finish. Rounding out the top 5 finishing fifth was Mike "Bear" Feltenberger who won 1 race on the night to earn a top 5 finish.  The rest of the field finishe dup like this: 6-Chris Brubaker (1 Win), 7-Devin Gundrum, 8-Joe Pieja,  9-Dennis Barlet, 10-Randy Heilman, 11-Becky Gundrum, and 12-Levi Gundrum.  The field was small tonight but a good time was had by all and the racing was tough and fierce all night long with most races ending up with more then 1 car crossing the line for the win of that race.  Chris Brubaker made his first star of the season here as he usually only runs teh Sprint Division here with us, and he ran strong all night winning 1 segment and battling for the segment win in a few others.  Joe Pieja had a tough night struggling in a few of his segments and having his car turn tight on him and was not able to get the feel right for him tonight after doing some changes to try to make the car better for him as the night went on. Levi Gundrum ran a different car then usual as he wanted to try something a little faster and didn't do bad but struggled at some points throughout the night with it.  Randy Heilman made his 1st start this year with us and had some decent runs and finished all 6 segments on the evening without crashing out of any.  After the race was over we drew 3 randome numbers for 3 driver'd finishing positions for the night for a 3 Lap Cash Dash Sponsored by Rick Laubach and his Light Bodies business.  The 3 numbers were drawn by Levi Gundrum and he drew positions# 2,5,9 who were Sheldon Hiester, Mike Feltenberger, and Dennis Barlet.  Taking the win in that was Mike Feltenberger ($5.00), 2nd- Sheldon Hiester ($3.00), and 3rd- Dennis Barlet ($2.00), so we would like to thank Rick again for sponsoring the cash dashes here again and being a continued sponsor and suppoter of our racing club here.  We will have a few more cash dashes sponsored by Rick again in the next few upcoming weeks. We will be in action next Wednesday Night January 23, 2019 with the 2nd Race of the season fo rour Modified Division.  Warm-ups will begin at 6PM and the 1st Race to start at 7PM.  Fred McCullough will be hosting an open practice on Sunday January 27, 2019 from 10AM-3PM to get prepared for our upcoming PA TYCO Series Race there in February sometime date to be determined within the next couple of days, and he will have both of his tracks open for operation and practice to make sure everything is still working fine as he has not hosted a race in over a year now.

1-Shane Hiester 120.00

2-Sheldon Hiester 119.28

3-Dakota Barlet 119.05

4-Tom Hiester 117.25

5-Mike Feltenberger 115.00

6-Chris Brubaker 114.02

7-Devin Gundrum 110.27

8-Joe Pieja 110.07

9-Dennis Barlet 109.04

10-Randy Heilman 97.08

11-Becky Gundrum 89.29

12-Levi Gundrum 83.18








































Next Race Tyco Modifieds Wednesday January 23, 2019